Medipass Expands Its Managed Service in Leeds

07 June 2017

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) has expanded its current Managed Equipment contract with Medipass, issuing a variation for the procurement, installation and ongoing maintenance of a new CT Scanner in the Celia Craven Suite located in the Lincoln Wing on the St James's Hospital campus. Under Medipass Healthcare's "complete clinical choice" program, the Trust's clinical team selected the GE REVOLUTION GSI, one of the newest and most advanced CT technologies available in the market. Robin Rezende, Director of Operations for Medipass Healthcare, said: “Expanding the Medipass MES has proven beneficial for the Trust's patients as the new technology allows the Trust to continue to reduce radiation dose to patients needing a CT scan, whilst maintaining high image quality to allow clinicians the best tools for the best diagnosis." Ms Rezende added, "Growing our partnership has also meant significant cost savings for the Trust. By bundling this CT replacement with other equipment replacements already included in the MES, the Trust has achieved greater buying power and more flexibility. This variation has truly created a win-win for all."

Julian Hartley, Chief Executive at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, prepares for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new Celia Craven CT Scanner, expanding the Medipass Healthcare Managed Service in Leeds. Looking on are Medipass team members Aylin Ercil, Stewart MacDuff and Daina Dambitis, along with members of the radiology department staff at LTHT.



Medipass Healthcare's Managed Service Ensures Patients Benefit from Latest Technology

06 June 2017

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has officially opened its second new Elekta Versa™ HD linear accelerator (Linac) as part of a multi-million pound investment and a four year equipment replacement programme through its MES with Medipass. Julian Hartley, Chief Executive at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “This impressive programme of technology upgrades has been made possible through the strong partnership between our Trust, managed equipment service providers Medipass and manufacturer Elekta. Over the next four years, the Trust will replace seven clinical treatment machines and three CT Simulators with the most advanced radiotherapy imaging and delivery technology currently available. This means that all patients treated in Leeds will continue to have access to world-class, state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatments.”

Surrounded by Medipass MES managers  and Trust staff, Julian Hartley, Chief Executive at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, cuts ribbon, opening one of the newest VersaHD linacs at Leeds Cancer Centre.

Major Deal Secured for Total Replacement of Radiotherapy Machines

10 May 2016

Medipass Healthcare has successfully secured the replacement of 8 linear accelerators in a deal with equipment manufacturer Elekta on behalf of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. As the Managed Equipment Services provider, Medipass has been working closely over the last year with equipment manufacturer Elekta and the Radiotherapy service, Trust contractual team, Medical Physics, Engie FM and Albany PLC, to strike a landmark equipment replacement deal for the Leeds Cancer Centre.

Hazel Rodger, Head of Radiotherapy with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, said; “This deal (from Medipass) to renew all our equipment is the best possible news for patients across Yorkshire and beyond who use our specialist services. We are the only centre of our size across the UK that will be able to offer the latest available technology across our entire equipment base for the benefit of our patients.”

From Left: Hazel Rodger, Head of Radiotherapy for the Leeds Cancer Centre, Aylin Ercil, Technology Specialist for Medipass Healthcare, Chris Forrest, Radiotherapy Equipment Manager for the Leeds Cancer Centre, Paddy Greally, UK & Ireland BU Managing Director with Elekta Limited, Stewart MacDuff, Technical and Commercial Director for Medipass Healthcare, and Dr Viv Cosgrove, Head of Radiotherapy Physics at Leeds Cancer Centre.  

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Major PACS/RIS Upgrade Completed

07 April 2016

As part of its highly successful Managed Equipment Service in Northern Ireland, Medipass Healthcare has completed a major upgrade of the software and hardware for its GE RIS/PACS system. The £360k system upgrade of the GE Centricity RIS/PACS Solution was undertaken in order to continue supporting the growth of the Belfast City Hospital across two sites, the Cancer Centre and the City Hospital's Tower Block. The full suite provided by Medipass includes RIS/PACS, voice recognition and digital dictation, and disaster recovery - providing a complete workflow solution for the Trust.

Medipass Awarded Preferred Bidder Status at NNUH

24 March 2016

Medipass has won Preferred Bidder status for the new Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Managed Equipment Service Contract at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).

The Trust noted that the selection of Medipass as Preferred Bidder was based on a robust selection process that considered all submissions, documentation and presentations by a project team that comprised stakeholders from all levels within NNUH.

David Rolfe, CEO of Medipass Healthcare, stated, “This is the result of a complete team effort from the whole of Medipass, proving unrivalled radiotherapy and diagnostic know-how within the MES team.”

Managing Service Expansion and Technology Change over 10 Years

22 March 2016

The Northern Ireland Cancer Centre opened on the 20th of March 2006 with 8 Varian Clinacs, which at the time were considered state-of-the-art in linear accelerators. The project also involved a fully integrated Varian ARIA network as well as an Acuity Simulator, a GE Lightspeed RT CT Simulator and a Nucletron (now Elekta) Integrated Brachytherapy Unit. Since 2011 radiotherapy has been undergoing an expansion programme driven by a growing need for cancer treatment services in Northern Ireland. The fleet has been extended and now consists of 10 linear accelerators including 4 Varian TrueBeams, with an additional 6 replacements coming up that will create a full fleet of TrueBeam systems, supported by Eclipse Treatment Planning.

From Left : Robin Rezende Operations Director Medipass Healthcare and Gaile Smyth, Medipass MES Manager for Northern Ireland view the Varian Truebeam STX.

Gaile Smyth, Medipass MES Manager for Northern Ireland, with the Innova 540 interventional unit installed in September 2015.

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10th Anniversary Dinner Celebrations

19 March 2016

The original team responsible for development and implementation of the Medipass Managed Equipment Service (MES) and their colleagues at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre recently reunited to celebrate the project’s 10th Anniversary. One of the first projects of its kind in the UK, the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital opened its doors in 2006 with a fully comprehensive radiology and radiotherapy MES that has continued to provide the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust with the latest in advanced technology for 10 years.

Colleagues from the Cancer Centre and Members of the original Cancer Centre Project Team mark the 10th anniversary. From Left: Debbie Wightman, Cancer Treatments Manager, Gillian Traub, Co-Director Cancer Services, Gaile Smyth, MES Manager for Medipass Belfast, Jenny Morgan, Project Design Team.

Original project team members responsible for development of the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre celebrating the 10th Anniversary. Left: Kieron Smyth, Project Design Team, Denise Stockman, Project Lead Manager, Robin Rezende, Director of Operations for Medipass Healthcare, and Leslie Frew, Head of Radiotherapy Physics.

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Highly Experienced MES Manager Appointed from NHS

14 April 2016

Medipass announces its appointment of Daina Dambitis as MES Manager at its Leeds Cancer Centre site. Daina is currently transitioning from a post with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust where she has served as a manager running the MRI service across the Leeds Trust.

Daina has worked with the Leeds Trust for more than 20 years and has been responsible for, among other things, patient waiting times, access to diagnostic testing, staffing, equipment selection, achieving national and local KPIs, clinical governance, business planning, and MRI Safety. She has had many professional accolades throughout her career working not only in the UK but abroad at the King Faisal Hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Prior to taking up her post with Medipass she will complete installation of the first intraoperative MRI system in Leeds. With Daina’s appointment as MES Manager for the Leeds site, Medipass continues its tradition of ensuring a strong local management team is in place to support its Trust partner at each of its MES sites.

Supporting Development Through Collaboration

15 February 2016

Collaborative working between Medipass and its Trust partners continues to expedite technology evolution across its MES sites. The addition of BrainLab equipment to the linear accelerator capabilities at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre was well beyond the original equipment specification. Medipass worked closely with the Cancer Centre and its local charity, Friends of the Cancer Centre, to source additional funding to procure cutting edge equipment. This equipment is managed by Medipass and the ongoing maintenance and future refresh are all provided through the Medipass MES.

From Left: Geoff Hill, retired Director of the Cancer Centre and currently Friends of the Cancer Centre Board Member and Colleen Shaw, Executive Director of Friends of the Cancer Centre, touring the new radiotherapy equipment at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre with Robin Rezende, Director of Operations with Medipass Smyth, MES Manager for Medipass’ Belfast site.

Another example, the clinical team at Belfast was recently awarded the national Quality in Care (QiC) Oncology ‘Cancer Team Collaboration Initiative of the Year’ for establishment of its SABR lung programme. Peer support for this initiative came from colleagues at Leeds Hospital, another Medipass site. Judges commended the teams’ success on this achievement between two hospitals in very different geographical locations, enhanced through the joint relationship with Medipass.

The ‘Cancer Team Collaboration Initiative of the Year’ for establishment of SABR lung programme with help from the Leeds Cancer Centre, both Medipass MES sites.

Helpdesk Response Times Success

09 February 2016

An annual audit of the Medipass MES service in Leeds recently reconfirmed that response call times for the Medipass Helpdesk continue to be less than 10 minutes. This rate has been consistently maintained since commencement of the service nearly 10 years ago.

Stewart MacDuff with Medipass said, “The Trust administrators who oversee our project appreciate the extensive level of documentation and reporting around response time. Response time is tracked using software that calculates the time between a clinical user notifying the Helpdesk of a fault and the time a first responder makes contact with the user who reported the fault. Over all the years of operations in Leeds, the response time has consistently remained less than 10 minutes. In cases where it is more than 10 minutes, this is flagged in the monthly reports generated by Medipass and reviewed extensively with the Trust administrators and, as appropriate, with the users and first responders.”

Mr MacDuff went on to say, “Action is then taken as necessary to rectify any deficiencies found, or steps are taken to improve performance where possible. The annual helpdesk audit in Leeds conducted by the Trust continues to give high marks for Medipass Helpdesk operations, and monthly meetings with users and medical physics staff rarely flag up any issues with operations.”

Advanced Interventional Imaging System Installed

30 November 2015

Medipass Healthcare recently installed an advanced interventional imaging system as part of its long-running MES at its Leeds Cancer Centre.

Ms Gill Roe, Advanced Radiographer Practitioner with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, said, “The installation of the new Artis Zee has allowed us to streamline our staff training for both the radiographers and radiologists as we now have three of these image intensifiers in our adult fluoroscopy radiology service in LTHT. The increased functionality of the new room has given us scope to expand our service and improve access for patients.”

The Siemens Artis Zee was selected as part of an in-depth procurement process conducted by Medipass in close consultation with the Trust’s clinical team and was selected because of its wide range of configurations and cutting-edge 3D applications.

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Medipass Prepares 10th Anniversary MES Celebrations

17 December 2015

Medipass is gearing up to celebrate 10 years of success with its long-running MES project at the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital.

Opening in 2006, this 25-year MES contract pioneered the concept of a combined radiology and radiotherapy MES. The initial Medipass project manager, Robin Rezende, is still involved with this project as the Operations Director for all of the Medipass UK MES sites. Ms Rezende’s involvement has greatly contributed to the current consistency and stability of the MES in Belfast as well as contributing to the Trust’s overall satisfaction and confidence in the scheme.

Ms Rezende said “With the help of Medipass Healthcare’s flexibility and strong partnership approach, the Trust have been able to expand the scope of the MES to meet continued growth and demand and the Cancer Centre now boasts a full fleet of 10 linear accelerators. We are moving well beyond the technology provided by the original 8 that we opened with in 2006.” She added, “The addition of our 10th linear accelerator, which is bringing a new treatment modality to Northern Ireland in the form of stereotactic radiosurgery, and the marking of 10 years of partnership with the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, are true milestones that we are extremely proud to celebrate.”

Medipass Leeds Team to be Supported by New Deputy MES Manager

28 September 2015

Medipass has recognised one of its Leeds team members, Jasbir Rall, for her outstanding contribution to the Leeds MES by promoting her to the position of Deputy MES Manager at the Leeds Cancer Centre.

Jasbir joined Medipass in 2013 as an assistant to the MES Manager at the site. Her new role expands her responsibilities so that she is now the primary day-to-day liaison with the Trust’s PFI management team and also the key lead for all equipment fault resolution. Jasbir has extensive experience in the NHS, having come to Medipass from the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust where she was the Health Records Administrative Supervisor for a number of years.

With Jasbir’s promotion, Medipass continue its tradition of ensuring its policy of job advancement for its employees as well as ensuring a strong local management team is in place to support the Trust at each of its MES sites.

Medipass Brings TrueBeam STx Powered by Novalis Radiosurgery to Northern Ireland

22 September 2015

The first TrueBeam™ STx radiotherapy system with the Novalis Tx™ radiosurgery platform has been installed in the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital as part of Medipass Healthcare’s long-term MES contract with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Once commissioned, patients with difficult-to-treat cancers of the brain, spine and body will be able to receive advanced, powerful radiosurgery treatment in Northern Ireland with this new combination of technologies. With its High Intensity Mode, the TrueBeam STx radiotherapy system can accurately deliver high doses more than twice as fast as earlier generations of technology.

Manufactured by Varian Medical Systems, the TrueBeam STx incorporates a unique high-resolution beam shaping device that shapes the treatment beam so that it matches the three-dimensional shape of the targeted tumour, minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy tissues. By adding the Novalis Radiosurgery component, which is manufactured by BrainLab, the Trust has the potential to treat more patients with the system’s highly precise dose and advanced integration of clinically proven tools.

The Cancer Centre will be one of first hospitals in the UK to utilize TrueBeam STx powered by Novalis Radiosurgery, which offers real time feedback of the targeted tumour that is achieved by using dynamic X-ray imaging throughout the procedure.